Luxury Towels versus Cheap Towels

Is there really a difference between so-called luxury towels and those that can be purchased for a few dollars a piece? As long as it can dry hair, sop up a wet spot on a floor or counter top, it is doing its job no matter what the price, right? It has to do with the cotton that is used in the making of that towel. The better the quality of cotton and the towel’s thickness, the better a job it can do absorbing moisture and liquids.

You do not always have to spend a fortune for hotel- styled luxury towels to get a soft, plush, thirsty product that will last wash after wash. Look for sales and discounts online for higher priced, quality towels. You can get the luxury at a price that is close to that of a cheaper towel.

The most luxurious kinds of cotton in towels are either Egyptian or Pima. What makes them luxurious is that they are highly self-absorbent and soft. High-end towels usually have two-ply cotton instead of the single ply commonly found in bargain towels. Two-ply is better than one in most all cases, so this is one reason that luxury towels are indeed better than bargain brands.

In addition, Egyptian, Pima or even Turkish cottons are incredibly durable. When you buy a luxury towel you are actually investing in a product that will bring you many years of use. The bargain towels might be cheap up front, but you may find that they start to tear or pull in under a year leaving you to have to go right back out and shop for a new set. That is not exactly a deal.

Turkish cotton is known for making the softest and the plushest towels available. Egyptian and Pima cottons come very close to this, but cheap towels do not. In fact, most cheap towels feel scratchy or rough to the touch.

Towels made with quality in mind are also more likely to be colorfast. Cheap towels tend to fade with a few washes.

As with any product, you get what you pay for. If you want cheap, you will end up having to replace your towels sooner rather than later. You will enjoy less comfort, softness and absorbency, too.

The real bargain comes when you are able to get higher-end, luxury towels at a sale price. Which brands are luxurious?

You do not have to visit Neiman Marcus to ensure that the towels you buy are luxury towels. The idea is to look for quality. Look for brands of towels made with 100 percent Egyptian, Pima or Turkish cotton. This is your assurance that the towels will be thick, absorbent and will last. You can wash them many times and they will retain their softness and thickness.

There is definitely a difference between luxury and cheap towels. Next time you shop, you now know that you cannot afford to do without the former.

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How Quigley’s Books Brings You Rare & Mysterious Books

There have been movies which have somewhat touched upon the rarest books on Earth. You’ll see an archaeologist dig into a tomb and then uncover a book sitting on a pedestal, illuminated by light breaking through the ceiling. Although rare books are still found in this manner each year, most of them are not.

It turns out that most of the rare books we know of, are sitting in libraries. Collections from sophisticated classes of people. Passed down from generation to generation and many are forgotten. Many original manuscripts are still likely located in such places.

If you’re on the hunt for these types of books, then here are a few tips I can give you.

The next time you visit a library, look for old looking books. You can spot them with a bit of experience in the field so it’s a bit difficult for me to give you precise advice. However, they are what you’d expect. Old, worn, a bit dusty, and they probably haven’t been touched in ages.

Be careful when you interact with an old book. They can crumble and tear very easily. This is why I recommend that you check back and study our tips for caring for old copies.

Get expert help if you’re confused or worries. The worst thing that can happen to an old book is for someone to get apprehensive about things and to unintentionally damage the book. Many cities have trained experts who can assist you, some will happily do so just to see old texts and put their hands on them.

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